The Sketchbomb Book


Hello everyone I’ve asked a bunch of you, if you would be interested in doing a sketchbomb book! It has been a resounding YES!!, So here’s the deal we want to get everyone into the book from all of the “Sketchbomb Chapters” around the world, so we will limit people to 2 pages. There will be only 3 Major rules

  1. YOU MUST show off something you’ve done at sketchbomb (you can show finished product as long as you show the original sketchbomb sketch) and
  2. You must submit a bio of yourself along with where to find you on the interwebs.
  3. Submit your work to  before June 15

This book will be packed with all sorts of work from all of your Sketchbomb groups around the world. Deadline for Submissions is July 15 (Final Extension). You can choose to do a collage of a bunch of drawings or just 2 full pages. Have fun and let’s make this thing happen. 

PLEASE!!! INCLUDE  your name, in your email and what chapter you have attended or attend. 

Book Details

26x38cm  10.25 x 14.95 (Be sure to add .25 inch for bleed or .65cm)


Full Color Glossy

Quick Important: Reminder The book is not free, This is a book for us by us, submitting to the book means you are also committing to the kickstarter campaign once it begins. Minimum 25$ usd to receive a book (Include shipping if you can't pick it up)